The instrument uses a patented method to electrically protect the device during damaging motor overloads or phase to ground shorts, which typically prove fatal to other instruments. As a result the instrument is less than half the size (it can run on 375 systems), half the weight and less than half the cost of competing units.


The ACE downhole unit is a completely sealed, welded device. The instrument electronics are not exposed to damaging well fluid caused by leaking threads, seals, o-rings or drain/fill valves, and the electronics are not exposed to the motor oil, so a failed or contaminated motor will not subject the ACE electronics to the destructive fluid. ACE tools are routinely pulled from destroyed, contaminated, burnt motors and re-run immediately without requiring factory or shop service. Many ACE sensors have been re-run more than 20 times on replacement pumps and motors without any sensor service required.


Using digital, checksum verified data transmission to the surface it is immune to partial phase to ground leakage which causes large signal errors and data failure in other systems.