• The custom tank gauges provided by Tulsa Tank Gauge are designed printed circuit board provides a 4-20ma signal generated from a 24v power supply. 

  • Hazardous locations require a 24 volt DC intrinsically safe power supply.

  • Non-Hazardous locations require any 24 volt DC power supply.

  • The gauge can be powered by batteries where utility power is not available or from utility power through an AC-DC power supply.

  • The gauge is manufactured with 316 stainless steel schedule 40 pipe with our patent pending scaling sleeve and steel reducing nut 2”x1”. 

The ACE downhole monitoring system collects critical downhole fluid and equipment data, transmitting it in real time to the surface for display, control and logging purposes. The system operates in conjunction with electrical submersible pumps, transmitting the downhole data to the surface via the motor power cable.


With thousands of installed units in the field it has proven to be the world’s most reliable, virtually indestructible ESP sensor available. It is the only ESP sensor in the world with a 2 year warranty.