SPS Inc. provides a complete line of high-performance cables designed to the exact standards required for electric submersible pumping systems, and the specific requirements of your well.

To maximize the operational longevity, all power cables are tested to the latest recommended practices, as well as the strict SPS Inc. specifications for each specific product and services.

The power cable uses an insulation compound (EPDM) specifically formulated to be oil-resistant while maintaining excellent electrical properties.  For additional protection, a lead or an additional EPDM jacket is applied over the insulation to add strength and provide an added shield to the insulation.

All of the 3-conductor power cables can be customized for specific well conditions requiring different armor materials.


Power is transmitted to the motor by a 3-phase electric cable specifically designed for oilfield ESP operations.

Selecting the appropriate cable for oil well electrical submersible pumps should be based on experience and knowledge of well conditions. Hot, gassy, high pressure wells require more hardened constructions than shallow cool wells.

The presence of corrosive chemicals (H2SO4 or H2CO3) and gases (CO2 or H2S) requires a special jacket and armor selection. If the well develops high operating pressures, attention has to be given to protecting the cable from decompression damage — this would typically require a construction with a lead jacket that provides a hermetic seal.


  • Industry-wide standardized solid copper conductor.

  • Superior insulation compounds specifically made for oilfield operations.

  • Armor offered in galvanized steel, 316L stainless steel and Monel® (bands offered in 316L stainless steel and Monel®).

  • Optional capillary tubes for chemical treatment.

  • Insulation compound for all cables.

  • All standard cables are 5 KV rated.

  • Conductors range from 1 to 6 (AWG)

  • Depending on the application the cable comes in flat and round formats.


  • Armor, jackets and insulation compounded for longer life.

  • Lead sheath impervious to fluid and gas intrusion.

  • Armor profiled for maximum protection.

  • Extended operational life.

  • Corrosion resistant with a high degree of mechanical integrity that has also demonstrated excellent decompression resistance.

  • Suited for wells with risk of physical damage, such as deviated wells or wells with small diameter casing.

  • Depending on the type of cable selected, the cable may be installed in wells exceeding 300°F.