SPS Inc. Variable Speed Drive (VSD) offers a variety of features that make them the best choice for your applications.  VSDs offer reliability, flexibility, protection, plug-&-play capabilities, and a long run life for your equipment.  Easily operated and adaptable for changing well conditions, SPS Inc. VSDs is a highly reliable design ideally suited for harsh environments service.


Phase loss protection. 

Input over-voltage protection.

Line surge protection.

Output ground fault protection

Under-load protection.

Overload protection.


  • Plug-and-Play components.

  • SCADA capable.

  • Simple, fast setup and control with no scrolling required.

  • Robust frequency converter.

  • Tank level shutdown capable.

  • Flow line PSI shutdown capable.

  • Pump off control.

  • View real time history.

  • Intake pressure/ motor temperature read-out.*



  • Reduces maintenance.

  • Maximizes production.

  • Increases ESP uptime.

  • Extends ESP run-life.

  • Promotes proactive problem solving.

  • Optimizes production flexibility with changing well conditions.


We offer  3 phase auto transformers to convert the primary line voltage to the motor's voltage requirements, if needed.


There are different sizes of weatherproof switchboards:

  • 600v

  • 1,000v

  • 1,500v

  • 2,500v

  • 3,600v

Switchboard includes:

  • 3 pole fusible disconnect & magnet contactor.

  • 110v control circuit.

  • Hand-off automatic selector and start push-button switches.

  • Overload shutdown.

  • Undercurrent shutdown.

  • Automatic start up.

  • Lightning arrestor.