The Tulsa Tank Gauge SGL Series level sensors convert level into a standard 4-20ma output signal.  The SGL Model Level Gauge can be used to accurately measure liquid levels of compatible liquids. 

Designed for Harsh environments with a 316 Stainless Steel body, chemical resistant float, and cast NEMA 4X (IP66) housing, this transmitter resists most environmental damages.  Designed specifically to not require re-calibration. 

  • Simple to install.

  • Calibration is done at the plant and checked before installation.

  • NO PC required for field calibration.

  • A steady reliable reading.

  • If voltage is lost at the site when the level will be accurate when the voltage is reapplied.

  • TTG Level readings will not be influenced by vapor buildup in the tanks like other technologies.

  • Minimal maintenance.

  • Easy installation:

    • Calibrated prior to shipment.

    • Easy field setup.

    • Quick install.

    • No PC require.

    • Minimal service required.

  • Custom Sizes from 5'-23'

  • Rugged design build for the petrochemical industry.

  • 4-20mA signal for easy integration in to existing RTU.

  • Steady reliable reading.